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About “The Academic Advisor”

The Academic Advisor is young, progressive and highly professional team of international education agents. Our company was established in August 2014 and is based in Odessa, Ukraine (the third biggest city in the country).

Why to choose us?

  • Members of our team have gained education abroad.
  • Our agency has ICEF accreditation and certification.
  • We offer full range of professional services to our clients.
  • Actively promote our partners by means of digital marketing.
  • We have our own IELTS preparation Center.
  • We have 99% issue visa rate (since 2014).

Our mission

Mission of our company is to ensure high quality, integrity, fairness and consistency in everything that we do. Our aim is to provide our clients with educational programs that will meet their personal, professional and educational goals. We give our students the opportunity to explore, participate in, enrich their knowledge of academic skills, improve their foreign language proficiency as well as, to broaden their mind and develop the vision of their future. The values of mutual respect, professionalism, excellence in services that we offer and high standards of international exam preparation guide us in our work.

What services do we offer to our clients?

  • Institution and program selection that will suit interests, goals, level of knowledge and education, as well as financial possibilities of the student.
  • Preliminary Language proficiency evaluation
  • Documents assembly and handling
  • Translation of the documents
  • Application process
  • Accommodation selection and booking
  • Visa application process and visa documents handling and translation.
  • Preparation for visa Interview (if applicable).
  • Pre-departure orientation session
  • Plane tickets booking and transfer organisation.
  • 24/7 support

We support our students throughout the whole period of their studying process. They can easily reach us by phone, skype, e-mail. We work very fast, and offer 24/7 assistance, as we understand how important for the students to feel support and have not just an agent but a friend, who will try their best to assist a student in time when it is needed. Plus, we always update parents about how their children are getting on and are open to answer any questions and try our best to solve any issues that might appear.

Education programs that we offer:

  • Language courses worldwide
  • Summer schools for children and teenagers
  • Foundation & Pre-Master’s Programs
  • Secondary Education Abroad (Boarding Schools)
  • Higher Education (Bachelor & Master Degree)
  • Certificate, Diploma, Postgraduate & MBA Programs

How do we promote our education partners?

Our Website:

Through our website: https://theacademicadvisor.com.ua

We run our blog, that has great amount of useful information for the students:


Social media:

We also promote our services and partner institutions via Facebook, Instagram accounts, by means of advertising campaigns and weekly updates:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheAcademicAdvisor/

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/the_academic_advisor/

We are actively working with students and promote our services and partner institutions by means of free webinars, in such a way we can communicate with students, who are not from our city, region but from other parts of our country, or with students, who study abroad, but would like to change their university or country.

We run free consultations for every student on a daily basis.

We also run presentations, seminars and workshops few times per year.

These presentations and seminars help to share our experience with our potential students and familiarize them with countries and programs that we offer. Great amount of interaction with the students takes place as well, as a result, such format helps the students and their parents get clear understanding of our services, universities and programs that we offer, and select what will suit their needs and aspirations best.

What education partners do we looking for?

At present moment, we are actively working on expanding the number of partner institutions to work with. We are looking for the partners, who value the same issues that we do:

  • Excellent level of education and services that Institution provides.
  • Highly developed infrastructure and comfortable accommodation.
  • Accreditation and recognition of provided programs.
  • Prompt feedback and well-developed support.
  • Transparent conditions of cooperation.

Get in touch with us:

+ 38 050 336 14 99

+ 38 093 022 27 73

Email us:


Meet us:

Gagarin Avenue 12-A, office 1106, Odesa, 65039, Ukraine.

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