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“Sorry” VS “Excuse me”


Do you know the difference between “Sorry” and “Excuse me”?
Do not mix them up. Here are some useful explanations for you:

1. “Sorry” expresses more regret than “excuse me” does.

If I’m trying to leave the room and you’re in my way, I’ll say “Excuse me.” I recognize that I’m inconveniencing you by asking you to move, but the inconvenience is very small, and I don’t expect you to be offended by the request. People often say “excuse me” when they commit small violations of etiquette, such as sneezing loudly.

If I accidentally step on your toe while I’m trying to get to the door, I’ll say “I’m sorry!” I didn’t mean to step on your toe, and I regret injuring you.

2.“Excuse me” is asking for permission. “Sorry” is asking for forgiveness.

You say “excuse me” before doing something that might inconvenience someone.

You say “sorry” after having inconvenienced someone.


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