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Тема по IELTS Speaking – Март 2017 № 2

Мы продолжаем Вас знакомить с самыми свежими темами по экзамену IELTS.

Part 1

What is your full name?
Can I see your ID?
Where are you from?
Do you work or study?
Do you like chocolate?
What kind of chocolate do you prefer? Why?
How often do you eat chocolate?
Did you like chocolate as a child?
Why do children like chocolate?
Do you remember an instance when you were given chocolate as a present? Why?
What is your favourite colour? Why?
What colour would you like to paint your bedroom or other rooms in your house?
What colours are popular among your friends? Why?

Part 2

Talk about a team project you were involved in. Please say:

What was the project?
When and where did you work on it?
Who did you work with?

Part 3

Where can team projects be implemented, other than professional fields?
Why is that?
Do you think team projects are possible among students?
Do you think children should do team projects? Why?
Do you think working in a team is better than working alone? Why?
What are the necessary steps to be taken while working in a team?
What benefits do team members derive from working as a team?
Do you think a team leader should be responsible for everything in a team?

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